Google Ads

Getting Your Business Ads More Presence

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the most utilized and profitable practice of digital marketing. It produces the quickest results. Our digital marketing experts are handling PPC campaigns for many years and bringing a lot of profits for our valuable clients. With core techniques and result-oriented approach, we make sure that our PPC plans are targeting right audiences with relevant keywords.

We, India Creatives as a Best PPC Company in Delhi, implement several strategies to execute PPC advertising campaigns for our clients. These strategies are:

  •  Keyword Planning
  •  Bidding planning
  •  Google AdWords utilization
  •  Selection of Ad class
  •  Account management
  •  Monitoring campaigns

One of the best PPC Services India management tools is Google AdWords, which helps to bid on highly efficient keywords that can bring traffic on your site by more number of clicks on Ads.

PPC means “pay per click” and it is an advertising model where companies pay an agreed amount each time a click is made on their ad and not every time it appears or is viewed by the user.

Advertisers select key words or phrases that will trigger their ads when someone searches for them in a search engine like Google.

The most used payment system per click now is Google, called Google Adwords. This system works as auction, that is, the price rises according to what advertisers are willing to pay for each click associated with a key phrase.

Those who are willing to spend more money for each click on their ads, generally appear higher than the ads of those who want to pay less per click. But this is not always the case, since Google’s PPC classification system defines the order in which the ads appear based on a series of factors such as the ad click rate, the quality of the page the advertiser arrives at, the loading time of the destination page, among others.

Benefits of PPC

A new website can take a long time to appear well positioned on Google, but through a PPC Management Service on Google this site can appear on the first page immediately and significantly increase your web traffic.

Unlike organic search listings, with PPC Advertising you can control the information that appears in the search engine (i.e. the description) and where the visitor goes to your website after clicking on the notice.

Another benefit of the PPC listings is the opportunities for international exposure. Organic search listings vary in different geographic regions. With PPC Management Company, you control where you want to be seen.

PPC Tracking

In order to determine the effectiveness of a Pay-Per-Click campaign, it is important to follow up on it. Because an Ad that has a high number of clicks does not mean it is the best, since it is easy to get users to click on a notice that says “free gift.”

The real end goal is that people who click on your Ad enter your site and make a conversion (sale, quotation, contact, etc).

For this it is necessary to measure and evaluate if what you are investing in AdWords is being reflected in an increase in sales. One way to know if PPC visits are doing something on your website is to activate conversions in AdWords.

What is Meant by Conversion?

  •  Purchase products or services.
  •  Subscription to newsletters or Newsletters.
  •  Download files, documents or promotional material.
  •  Other beneficial objectives for the company, such as a quote, telephone contact, etc.

Why our PPC Management Services?

  •  Planning: Gathering requirements and resources to create PPC campaigns for our clients.
  •  Keyword Bidding: Assisting companies to create a set of relevant keywords to make bids on them.
  •  Creating Quality Ads: With high-quality content, we make sure to build attention-grabbing Ads that can get large number of clicks.
  •  Managing Ads Performance: There should be a good consistency in Ad posting and sharing because it will help to generate a number for leads for your business.
  •  Enhancing Site Load-Time: After clicking on ads, users will directly go on your site, so it must respond quickly to every user action.

What you can expect?

With the help of these services, you will get more opportunities for generating leads and profits. We believe in teamwork and hence every member is engaged with their task to build the most reliable solution for their requirements. As a result, companies will get a great response by targeting audiences through high-quality ads with our PPC Services in India.