Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Service

As a Facebook Advertising Agency we know how important it is to have presence on Facebook where many types of profiles come together that surely also serve your company to sell your products.

That’s why we put at your disposal our social network management team that specializes in getting the most profitability to any campaign on Facebook.

How Facebook Advertising can help your Business?

Sales Increase: It is the best tool to increase your sales, Facebook Ads offers you the best options to make available to a segmented audience the offer of your products, this way you will have a higher probability of sales since it is public with certain interests.

Brand Recognition: We are sure that your products are what Facebook user’s need, except that they do not know it yet. Increase your online reputation with Facebook Ads advertising in two aspects: Facebook and Instagram.

Increase Visits: You will see how the bar of visits to your website rises with the possibilities that entail converting those visits into clients. At India Creatives, we help you in the process of optimizing your website for sale and also with ads on social networks.

A campaign in Facebook Ads is the boost that your business needs to have greater visibility and reach new potential customers through this social network that contains many profiles. In our Facebook Marketing Services, we advertise to the public that is more interested in your products or services at minimum expense.

Types of Advertising on Facebook Ads


  •  Promote your publications
  •  Promote your page
  •  Reach people who are close to your business
  •  Improve brand recognition


  •  Attract people on your website
  •  Increase the facilities of your application
  •  Increase the number of people attending your event
  •  Increase video views
  •  Generate leads for your business


  •  Increase conversions on your website
  •  Increase interaction with your application
  •  Getting people to request your offer
  •  Promote a product catalog

Getting People to Visit Your Business

A campaign in Facebook Ads is the boost that your business needs to have greater visibility and reach new potential customers through this social network that contains many profiles. As one of the leading Social Media Marketing Companies in India we take care of that the publicity in this means is attractive and segmented to arrive at the public that more interest is in your products or services and thus to have the best investment with the minimum expense.

Success Advertising on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook We believe that a good advertisement is one whose text and image are linked together by a common purpose that is irresistible to your target audience. We must take care of these two aspects with two tools:

  •  Copywriter or Web Editor: Our objective will be to persuade and take to the action the interested public to convert in purchase a visit through texts and calls to action.
  •  Images: Facebook does not allow us to enter more than 20% of the text in the images, so we will choose the most striking ones that humanize and excite our offer or discount.

Marketing in Social Networks of Quality Will Increase your Sales Significantly-

Social Networks have become a channel to attract new customers and also to retain existing ones.

Through the communication dynamics enabled the right audience can be kept informed at the correct time about the products or services offered. And also maintain a dialogue with existing customers to build loyalty.

Nowadays, every company needs a solid image on the Internet and this requires an adequate presence in social networks that complements the positioning in Google.

Data Based Campaigns

The Advertising platforms of all social networks offer detailed statistics on the operation of each of the campaigns and advertisements.

At India Creatives as a Facebook Marketing Company, we have developed data analysis methods, which allow us to continuously improve the effectiveness of campaigns and warnings. Through the use of tools for the creation of personalized audiences and frequent users, we can guide marketing actions to the right audience at the right time. We exploit to the maximum options of remarketing so much to who arrive from the social networks, as to those who entered the website.

Together with my team we create advertising campaigns on Facebook to promote products, services, online and traditional businesses. Every day we manage customer ad campaigns from all over the world taking care to follow the marketing strategy previously agreed with them.

We focus on optimizing the total and individual cost of each campaign so that the client obtains greater reach, more clicks and better conversion rate with their advertising investment.